Performance Management Work Tools

Automating, supporting and integrating performance engineering activites across the entire software lifecycle

Our mission:

  • Continuous quality assurance of software systems during fast release cycles
  • Fostering communication and collaboration with transparent performance metrics
  • Early performance analysis and prediction in support of agile software development processes
  • Ensuring response time constraints for a better user experience and satisfaction
  • Optimized capacity planning and resource usage for cost efficent systems

Performance Management Work Tools

Read more about our PMWT:

  • AWRNESS - Performance awareness for Java EE developers
  • SIAAS - Simulation as a service
  • WESSBAS - Workload extraction and specification for session-based systems
  • BD.PMG - Big Data performance model generator
  • DUO - Deployment Unit Optimizer
  • PET - Performance Evalluation Tool





Johannes Kroß

Johannes Kroß

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