Raising performance awareness for Java EE developers

  • Early feedback about response times of method implementations
  • Highlighting the most time cunsuming calls of the code in your Eclipse IDE

AWRNESS provides developers early feedback about the response times of their method implementations and highlights the most expensive calls of their code in the IDE. Currently, it is available as a plugin for the Eclipse IDE only.
The plugin parses the source code of the selected java class (and all subsequent classes which are called by its methods) and estimates its response time. Methods and calls exceeding a predefined threshold are highlighted in the code editor. A tool tip description displays the expected response time in milliseconds.

AWRNESS Interface Screenshots

In particular, response time predictions are performed based on the component implementation and the response time of required services. The source code of the component to be evaluated is parsed and represented as an abstract syntax structure. This structure is then converted into a performance model representing the control flow of component operations and calls to required services. The response time of external calls is parameterized using monitoring data acquired by application performance monitoring (APM) tools from production systems. Developers are provided with immediate feedback, if the estimated response time of a component operation exceeds a predefined threshold.


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