Elaboration notes

Before starting with the actual thesis, a proposal has to be created. This proposal should give a brief introduction into the research topic and state the basic goals of the thesis as well as how these goals shall be achieved. The purpose of the proposal is to define the scope of the thesis in advance.

In order to create the proposal, the given Word template (Link) and Endnote Citation Style (Link) has to be used. The program EndNote should be used for reference management; it is provided by the university library (Link). Strict adherence to the 'Guidelines for Student Theses' provided by the chair (Link) is required both for the proposal as well as the actual thesis.

For structuring the proposal, the following organisation can be used:

  • Motivation
  • Goal(s) of the thesis
  • 3 research questions
  • Approach for answering the research questions
  • Value of the thesis
  • References

Overall, the proposal should encompass around 2-3 pages (excluding references).


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