Performance Management Work (PMW)

Performance Management Work

Performance Management Work

Performance Management Work (PMW) describes all activities that are necessary to ensure that performance requirements of application systems (AS) can be met. Therefore, PMW integrates software performance engineering (SPE) and application performance management (APM) activities. SPE and APM are part of different lifecycle phases of an AS namely system development and IT operations. PMW supports a comprehensive coordination of all SPE and APM activities, which is inevitable due to an increased complexity of AS architectures. Read more

Performance Management Work Tools

In our research in Performance Management Work, we develop several tools to support and automate PMW activities. We call them PMW-Tools. In particular, they support Software Performance Engineering (SPE) activities during system development (Dev) and Application Performance Management (APM) during IT operations (Ops). PMW-Tools and their integration capabilities make performance relevant information comprehensively available and facilitate PMW activities across the whole system life cycle. Read more

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